Serendipity Life - Scammer Alert on Paul Bourgeois

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This scammer must have a low IQ: Paul Bourgeois ChemTrails project scam

He does an internet interview but hides his real identity and calls himself Paul Johnson! What is he hiding?

Watch this youtube video that has his photo and his voice:

e-mail: he sells a jar for $49.00 but doesn't tell you that the cost of the water testing is $200.00! He tries to convince people that the streaks in the sky from jets are chemicals put their by the government for nefarious reasons. He tries to take advantage of the gullible and innocent.

Review about: Intenet Interview.


Saint Louis, Missouri, United States #655887

This is reprehensible.All one has to do is search for "Old photos" and contrails and you will see the same old plume behind the jets as you do now.

Paul Bourgeois should be ashamed of himself.Truly, this is scam and Bourgeous and his wife Jacki Bourgeois are scammers.

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